• Hi, I'm Erín Moure.

    It's about poetry. Falamos poesía. Je suis poète et traductrice et éditeure.

    Poet in English and English/Galician, translator of poetry—especially the syntactically strange or "difficult"— from Galician, French, Spanish, Portuñol, and Portuguese to English, plus (with Roman Ivashkiv) from Ukrainian to English. Lives in Montreal, works everywhere. Allergic person, friend, lesboqueer, cyclist commuter, small footprint on earth, cook.


    Doctor honoris causa, Universidade de Vigo, Spain, 2016, for contribution to poetry and translation and Galician culture. D. Litt. (hon.), Brandon University, 2008, for contribution to Canadian poetry. Woodberry Poetry Room Creative Fellow, 2017 Harvard University. 2019 International Translator in Residence, Queen's College, Oxford. On March 30, 2020, I was thrilled to be a Fellow at Kelly Writers House at UPenn via the Internet — the reading is archived here and you are invited to "attend" it even now... and if you have questions, try me on Facebook! Thanks, UPenn! Je vous adore!!!


    Wild Words North in Fort St. John BC and the Victoria Authors' Festival in Victoria BC were highlights of fall 2019 back before Covid-19. I know we can't meet and chat at events right now, but I'm always very honoured to meet fellow readers and poets and always do respond to folks on my Facebook author page too... In these times of contagion, I am not travelling, of course, but poetry is still a conversation I am happy to be part of!

  • Books

    Poetry and hybrid poemical doings since 1979, up to 2020.


    The Elements. Toronto: Anansi, 2019. Reviewed in the Montreal Review of Books, 2019.

    Planetary Noise: Selected Poetry of Erín Moure, edited by Shannon Maguire. Wesleyan U Press, 2017. Reviewed in the New York Times, 3 November 2017.

    Kapusta. Toronto: Anansi, 2015.

    The Unmemntioable. Toronto: Anansi, 2012.

    Pillage Laud, Toronto: BookThug, 2011 & Moveable Type, 1999.

    O Resplandor. Toronto: Anansi, 2010.

    O Cadoiro. Toronto: Anansi, 2007.

    Little Theatres. Toronto: Anansi, 2005.

    O Cidadán. Toronto: Anansi, 2002.

    A Frame of the Book or The Frame of a Book. Toronto: Anansi, 1999.

    Search Procedures. Toronto: Anansi, 1996.

    The Green Word: Selected Poems 1973-1992. Toronto: Oxford, 1999.

    Sheepish Beauty, Civilian Love. Montréal: Véhicule Press, 1992.

    WSW (West South West). Montréal: Véhicule Press, 1989.

    Furious. Toronto: Anansi, 1988,1992, 2006. Second Edition 2018 with introduction by Sonnet L'Abbé.

    Domestic Fuel. Toronto: Anansi, 1985.

    Wanted Alive. Toronto: Anansi, 1983.

    Empire, York Street. Toronto: Anansi, 1979.


    Poetry and Performance

    Moure, Erín and Oana Avasilichioaei. Expeditions of a Chimæra. Toronto: BookThug, 2009. 90 pp.


    Essay and Insurrection

    Insecession. In volume w. Chus Pato’s Secession. Toronto: BookThug, 2014. 100 pp.

    My Beloved Wager: Essays from a Writing Practice. The Writer as Critic, Vol. 11. Edmonton: NeWest Press, 2009. 352 pp.


    Passports for Further Travel

    O Cadoiro. Translated into German by Uljana Wolf. Berlin: roughbooks, 2016.

    Petits théâtres. Translated by Daniel Canty (French). Montreal: Noroît, 2013.

    Teatriños. Translated by María Reimóndez (Galician). Vigo: Galaxia, 2007.


    Memoir and History

    Sitting Shiva on Minto Avenue, by Toots. Vancouver: New Star Books, 2017. 102 pp.

    A Century in the North Peace: The Life and Times of Anne and John Callison. Montreal: Zat-So Productions, 2018.

  • Translations


    Novoneyra, Uxío. The Uplands: Book of the Courel and other poems. Trans. from the Galician of poems from Os Eidos and other books (1955 and later). El Paso, TX: Veliz Books, 2020.

    Gelman, Juan. Sleepless Nights Under Capitalism. Trans. from the Argentinian Spanish from Gelman's "translations" of the poems of John Wendell in Colera Buey (1965). Pittsburgh: Eulalia Books, 2020.

    de Castro, Rosalía. In Leaf. Trans. -with annotations & comments- from the Galician of Follas Novas (1880). Montreal: Zat-So Productions, 2019.

    Gómez, Lupe. Camouflage. Trans. from Galician of Camuflaxe (2017). New York: Circumference Books, 2019.

    Pato, Chus. At the Limit. Trans. from Galician. Montreal: Zat-So Productions, 2018.

    de Castro, Rosalía. New Leaves. Trans. from Galician of Follas Novas (1880). Sofia Bulgaria: Small Stations, Galician Classics, 2016.

    Turcot, François. My Dinosaur. Trans. from French of Mon Dinosaure (2013). Toronto: BookThug, 2016.

    Pato, Chus. Flesh of Leviathan. Trans. from Galician of Carne de Leviathan (2013). SF: Omnidawn, 2016; introduction by Jen Hofer.

    de Castro, Rosalía. Galician Songs. Trans. from Galician of Cantares Gallegos (1872). A major work in 19th century Galician literature. Sofia, Bulgaria and Santiago de Compostela, Galicia: Small Stations and Xunta de Galicia, Galician Classics, 2013.

    Dupré, Louise. Just Like Her. Hamilton: Wolsak & Wynn, 2011. Trans. from French of Tout comme elle

    Pato, Chus. Hordes of Writing. Exeter, UK: Shearsman / Ottawa: BuschekBooks, 2011. Trans. from Galician of Hordas de Escritura

    Pessoa, Fernando. Sheep’s Vigil by a Fervent Person. Toronto: Anansi, 2001, reprinted 2004, 2010. Trans. from Portuguese of O Guardador de Rebanhos

    Pato, Chus. m-Talá. Exeter: Shearsman /Ottawa: Buschek, 2009. Trans. Galician of m-Talá (2000).

    Ajens, Andrés. quase flanders, quase extramadura. Cambridge, UK: CCCP, 2001; Victoria: La Mano Izquierda, 2008. Trans. from Spanish of Más íntimas mistura (excerpt)

    Pato, Chus. Charenton. Exeter, UK: Shearsman / Ottawa: BuschekBooks, 2007. Trans. from Galician of Charenton


    Collaborative Translation, Poetry

    Izdryk, Yuri. Smokes. Trans. Erín Moure & Roman Ivashkiv from Ukrainian (selected). Sandpoint, Idaho: Lost Horse Press, 2019.

    Gómez, Lupe. Pornography. Berlin: Frank & Timme, 2013. Trans. Erín Moure & Rebeca Lema from Galician of Pornografía. In Lupe Gómez: libre e estranxeira. Estudos e traducións. Ed. Burghard Baltrusch. Iberoromanic Studies in Literature & Translatology, Vol. 1.

    Brossard, Nicole. White Piano. Toronto: Coach House Books, 2013. Trans. Erín Moure and Robert Majzels from French of Piano blanc.

    Brossard, Nicole. Notebook of Roses and Civilization. Toronto: Coach House Books, 2007. Trans. Erín Moure and Robert Majzels from French Cahier des roses et de civilisation

    Brossard, Nicole. Museum of Bone and Water. Toronto: Anansi, 2003. Trans. Erín Moure and Robert Majzels from French of Musée de l’os et de l’eau

    Brossard, Nicole. Installations. Winnipeg: Muses’ Company, 2000. Trans. Erín Moure and Robert Majzels from French of Installations


    Translation, Fiction Non-Fiction and Hybrid

    Wilson Bueno. Paraguayan Sea. NY: Nightboat Books, 2017.

    Uxío Novoneyra. Of Stubborn Dreams: The Poetics of Uxío Novoneyra. Parada do Courel: Fundación Uxío Novoneyra, 2017.

    Lopo, Antón. Distance of the Wolf: Biography of Uxío Novoneyra. Parada do Courel: Fundación Uxío Novoneyra, 2017.

    Pato, Chus. Secession. Trto: BookThug, 2014. Trans. Erín Moure from Galician of Secesión

    Nogueira, María Xesús; Lojo, Laura: Palacios, Manuela, eds. Creation, Publishing, and Criticsm: The Advance of Women’s Writing. NY: Peter Lang, 2010. Trans. Erín Moure (Galician chapters). Galician and Irish Studies series, Vol 2, General Editor Kathleen March.

  • Soooooon!

    Sitting Shiva on Minto Avenue, by Toots from New Star Books in Vancouver is available from SPD here! The Montreal Review of Books had this to say about it! It was a finalist for both the 2018 Mavis Gallant Non-Fiction Prize in Montreal and the 2018 City of Vancouver Book Prize. In 2020, the French translation by Colette St-Hilaire will appear from Le Noroît in Montréal! Thank you, all readers!


    An English-language translation from Uxío Novoneyra's The Uplands: Book of the Courel and other poems (from the original Galician of poems in Os Eidos and other books) just came out from Veliz Books! We're excited! And a letterpress chapbook of my translations of a sequence of poems by the amazing late Argentinian poet Juan Gelman, Sleepless Nights Under Capitalism, is out from Pittsburgh's Eulalia Books. I couldn't go to Pittsburgh in March to read from it, but I can tell you it is beautiful! Please support these wonderful publishers by buying books—you can click on the titles! (if not mine, then another!)


    My Auntie Anne, nearly silent but still smiling, turned 98 in December 2019; she's in Peace Villa at Fort St. John, a care home safe and under lockdown, so no visitors! In 2018, Zat-So Productions published my telling of her story, in the form of a regional history of the North Peace in Canada. Her settler story does nudge the genre of settler and regional history into the present: there are chapters and references to the history of the Indigenous nations displaced from their lands by Treaty 8, insistences on their absolute modernity (and to protect the land we need their worldview to lead us now), and links to their voices and telling ,as they do it best. As well, it is a history of first newcomers, through the story of this one family. It can be ordered here! And if you read it and liked it, do feel free to send Anne Callison a card; a staff member will read it to her.  Peace Villa is at 8407 112 Ave, Fort St John, BC V1J 0J5 Canada.


    For a limited time, if you scroll down to Chus Pato's At the Limit below, you can click on the title there and download the book in pdf for free!


    Thank you everyone, grazas, obrigada et merci, for your interest and support!


    Erín Moure's Kapusta

    a poem-play-cabaret-ash

    from House of Anansi, Toronto.

    with songs by Malenka Dotchka


    read the review in The Puritan here. 

    and in Arc Poetry Magazine here.


  • Working away on...



    - a translation from French of Chantal Neveu's La vie radieuse, tentatively called This Radiant Life, upcoming in fall 2020 from Book*hug!

    - Colette St-Hilaire's translation into French of my memoir of a few years ago, titled Toots fait la Shiva, avenue Minto (Noroît, Montréal, upcoming fall 2020).



    -a play-room-cicatrice called Martín!

    -a mixed genre book of poetry exploring breath, called Theophylline, on listening to audio archives of Elizabeth Bishop and Muriel Rukeyser and imagining the silent archive of Angelina Grimké.

    -a book of aleatory poems called Hosannah.

    -a book of memoirs/stories called A Rose in Dreamland.



    - a translation of Chus Pato's Un libre favor from Galician, as The Face of the Quartzes. We worked on the final touches at The Queen's College, Oxford, in November 2019, where we gave this interview to PEN Transmissions!

    - an expanded set of translations of poems by Chilean poet Andrés Ajens (whose quasi flanders, quasi extramadura is long out of print), called So-Lair Storm.



  • Watch, Read, Listen

    Various amusements from the internet, visual and aural....

    Klara du Plessis reviews Planetary Noise!

    Planetary Noise: Selected Poetry of Erín Moure gathers four decades of poetry from a poet and translator who has persistently reconfigured the linguistic and material relations of English. Moure’s poems and networked sequences are hybrid and often polylingual; they work with contradiction, paradox, and verbal detritus— linguistic hics and blips often too quickly dismissed as noise—to create new conditions for thought and pleasure. From postdramatic theatre to queer and feminist theory, from the politics of citizenship and genocide to the minutiae of digital poetics, from the clamor of love to the shadows of grief and memory, Moure has joyously toppled hierarchies of meaning and parasited dominant discourses to create poetry that crosses borders, embracing hope, not war. This volume, edited by poet and literary scholar Shannon Maguire, also features an extensive introduction to Moure’s poetry, a section of poetry by others translated by Moure, and an afterword on translation by the poet.

    And if Zat-So Productions did more poetry translations? It flies in the face of reason!

    But I'm old so I insist...

    “We are born as foreigners to all languages.” Chus Pato


    This crazy wee press of mine—famed for tormenting you on Facebook to buy books that only sell 20 copies (though Century in the North Peace has sold 300 or so!)—rises from its prone position on your windowsill to buzz...so many translations of poetry into English need homes and readers, even if there's no economic sense in it!


    Zat-So Productions, using volunteer labour (mine!), makes books that are print-on-demand, and available to bookstores through Ingram, and online at Amazon and Lulu. I volunteer my time as translator and designer, and share any proceeds with the original writers (doesn't amount to much) and allow them to obtain books and sell them at readings etc. Publicity is by social media, and cost of review books/awards submissions are borne by both writer/me.


    Please give us your support!

    Monique Mounblow's version of the potato poem in Little Theatres, a poem about peace that on Vimeo, inexplicably, bears a "Mature" warning! Because it's polylingual?


    The original of one of the poems from Kapusta, first written and designed for web publication at the magazine Trickhouse.

    Three translations from Wilson Bueno's Paraguayan Sea.

    Three snippets from my English (Frenglish w. Guaraní) translation of this Brazilian writer's famed book Mar Paraguayo, which was written in Portunhol with Guaraní.


    The book appeared in fall 2017 from Nightboat Books in my version in Frenglish, with Andrés Ajens' postface from the Argentinian edition, an article by Christian Kent, and an interview with Bueno conducted by Claudio Daniel.

    Here is our reading on YouTube!

    Chus Pato's first visit to the USA brought her in September 2015 to Harvard University! We read from and talked about Secession and Insecession—biopoetics, translational biopoetics, trans-Atlantic hubbubs and proximities in the Woodberry Poetry Room . In spring 2017, we read together in March at Ottawa's VerseFest, and in Montreal at Drawn & Quarterly Books, and Toronto at knife/fork/book!

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